Friday, 27 February 2015

A Few Updates


What time is it?

Almost nine? Well...that's the dinner time for the humans who live with me. Which means I have a window of fifteen minutes, before my mini-owner shows up and finds me perched on her laptop.

And that's the face I usually make when I get caught. She thinks I just want to sleep and clears the space. How adorable! I guess it is true: cats don't have owners, they have staff! 

Anyway. I hadn't blogged for awhile, and I thought I should write something. (And to see if the Kolkata Bloggers have indeed added my blog to their blog roll). 

In the home news front, Mummy came home! (Yaaayyy!!! Now I don't have to worry about starving to death. And I can stay home to sleep without having to bother about the other kittens.)

Chhotie (mini owner's beloved black cat) has returned home after almost six days of being without a trace. I wish I could say I joined in the celebrations...but oh, well. I guess being the single child for a long time can turn your head at times. (I still loved the first year in the Brahma family the best though: I was the only cat around!)

And then this one had to come home too, bringing her kids with her. Ugh. I sometimes wonder why mini-owner, who claimed to never bring another cat home, after me, caved and let the others in. 

I really don't like having to share attention. I like having all her attention on me. See?

Now the hooligans are in the room. Running around like crazy kids who have too much of pent up energy. Sometimes I pause and wonder if they'd even survive the game if I decided to play with them. *sigh* The only person I want to play with is, Zorro. 

I remember saying I'd tell you all about her in another post. Well, now is as good as a time as any other. Zorro is this beautiful female cat who lives with our neighbors. She comes around to my house for her meals these days. I am not complaining...but I wish she'd not sit and block my way like some kind of a lioness. 

Yeah, yeah...I know you can barely see her in this picture. But I've been promised better pictures of her soon. Anyway - this is typically what happens. She just sits prettily at the gateway to MY EXIT in front of MY HOUSE....and doesn't budge until one of the humans take pity on me and shoos her away. 

Hmm. I guess love is having your way blocked by a cat pretending to be a lioness then, eh?

Anyway. I should go rest now. I can hear the humans' footsteps coming towards this room. 

Until next time, 
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  1. Hahaha! Too good, Mia :) Keep it up...

  2. It's really very nice....thanks


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