Saturday, 21 February 2015

About A Cat

They call me a lot of things, you know.

Lazy cat.
Ungrateful cat.
Selfish cat.
Cute cat.
Adorable cat.
Wicked cat.
Crazy cat.
But do you see the one word that is common among them all?


P.C. - Boro Didi
Yes. I am a cat. I am mean to be selfish. I am meant to think of only myself, and not care about the rest of the world. I am meant to almost maul my owners if they don't listen to me. To swipe their feet with my paws if they don't get the door for me on time.

What you dumbos are yet to learn is, you should never judge a book by its cover!

I snarl and swipe at my owners when the hunger in my belly is too much to bear.

I did maul my owners. But that is because this crazy, hot female cat was roaming around the neighborhood and I wanted to go say 'hi'. They weren't too sure about letting me out of the house I tried to make them understand. I just went a little overboard with it.

It is true that I despise the kittens. But did mini-owner ever tell you about the time when I had meowled at the top of my lungs to save the stupid kitten, Motu, who'd landed on the hot, tin roof and couldn't climb down. Nor could he meow - because his vocal chords are messed up. (No kidding about that!) Good thing Jeet Singh and Aniesha came down to rescue him.

Oh, and did you know about the time when Chhotie was NOT supposed to going out of the house but she did. And guess who snarled at her to bring her back home?

I like to be known as the big, bad cat who becomes a mouse only around Zorro. But I do nice things for people.

With my fish-soft toy

Before you turn up your nose at me and declare, "I don't like cats," please get to know me first. You live in a world where human beings turn on each other in the blink of an eye, every minute some heinous crime is committed...and sometimes cats do go to the rescue... (check out all those videos from the nanny cams if you don't believe me). And you have the nerve to say cats are god awful creatures?

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror, human. You're not better than me. Some days, you're far, far worse.

Until next time,
MEOW from

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  1. Hi Pippo! Its amazing how express yourself and carefully correct all those stupid notions we hoomans harbour about you!
    More cream and fish bones to you all along!
    love, a forever fan!


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