Friday, 20 February 2015

An Introductory Rant

Most of you know me as the furry four legged brother of Aniesha. Yeah, yeah - she's a writer who turned into a blogger and made all these amazing friends. *rolls eyes* (She had loads of amazing friends before too. I remember a bunch of them coming to my house one...and while some wanted to play with me, the others were scared of me. I wonder why! All I did was stay under the sofa and meow dolefully. I like my mini-owner. I don't like it when she doesn't pay attention to me.)

With the mini-owner,
P.C. Mummy
Some of her new found friends don't like cats. Well, hmpf to the ones who don't. Cats are super awesome. And if you don't realize that, you're missing out on something. (Also do remember you're coming to MY house. How would you like it if I came to your house and said I was allergic to you, and could you please move to another room, eh?)

Okay, okay. I am ranting. 

My human mother is gone on vacation and I really miss her. Aniesha says writing is her therapy and it helps to keep her sane. (No kidding - have you guys notice how bat-shit crazy she can be when she puts her mind to it?) Anyway - so I decided to take a leaf out of my mini-owner's book: blogging. She says it used to be her safe haven before someone came along and knocked her off her feet by taking the whole quietly blogging in the corner thing away from her...she says a lot of things. And she thinks I don't pay attention to her. 

That's not true. I pay a lot of attention to her. I get worried when she doesn't come back home early and I wait for her by our gates. Then I climb up the stairs with her to make sure she goes home. And she thinks I don't realize when she shakes the box of cat food under my nose, I run up to eat, being tricked every time be home. But she doesn't realize I LOVE CAT FOOD. I'd fall for that trick every minute of every day. 

Me and the annoying Chhotie 

Oh wow - look, I am ranting. I guess pets do take after their owners. And I really, really miss my human mom. Aniesha and Jeet Singh can just about manage. But they can't make me stay...I come home to eat and then wait, patiently downstairs for mummy to come home. Aniesh says she will by Wednesday. Then maybe I can come inside and sleep in peace. It's very annoying to have one ear open, in case I hear those kittens meowing or that idiot black cat the adopted in 2013, to come near me. They don't even go away even when I snarl at them. 

I mean are they stupid? Sitting in front of a grown up cat and just staring into his eyes. The little snots don't even know what life would be like in the real world. I keep hearing Aniesha say she'll never let them out of the house. Good for them. They'd  not live to see the next day, we she set them free. 

The Stupid Kittens - Just look at them sleeping on my Didi's bed.  HMPF!
Well, anyway. I better go now. Before she comes in to find me dancing all over her keyboard. I don't want her realizing I spend so much of time thinking. And next time, I'll tell you guys about Zorro. 

Waiting at the gates for the mini-owner

Until next time, 
MEOW from


  1. Yo, pippo! Call me sometime! I want to ask you for your tips on staying clean.

    1. Sure, Nitish! I look forward to talking to you too :)

  2. I love you, Pippo... Yeah, I love your mini owner too

    1. Oh, we love you too. Come to the house someday. And bring Rihu too. I want to play with him :D

  3. I love you, Pippo... Yeah, I love your mini owner too


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